David Perluck
Photo Finishing


After a lifetime as a commercial photographer I realized that it was all about the fantasy of acquisition. It came to me one afternoon as I sat in Micky D’s having lunch. I found myself sitting under a poster of the perfect burger quite unlike the soggy mess before me. I looked around at the other patrons and saw that they too sat under beautiful posters while eating their realities.

So . . . reality has flaws but pictures can be perfect.

I’m OK with that. I’m no photo-journalist. I manipulate the medium . . . thats what I enjoy.

In the eighties I ran a very special darkroom. With four pin-register color heads, a vacuum-easel rail-system and infra-red goggles I was one of only a few pioneers at what was then called photo-comping.

But Photoshop came along and it was love at first byte. At long-last I could create and perfect my own reality and that of my clients. Gone were the enlargers, the vacuum easels, the goggles and the endless hours standing at the sink souping film.

Times have changed. I now spend my work-time providing:

If you are a seller, I’ll help you sell more. If you’re a shooter I’ll help you shoot more.

P.S. In my off-hours I’m free to enjoy reality with all it’s flaws.